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The Benefits of Choosing an Assisted Living Facility

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

As our parents and loved one’s age, the need for advanced care becomes increasingly apparent.

But the transition from fully independent living to assisted living is not always easy.

Fortunately, the benefits of making the switch give you and your loved one confidence in your choice.

Take a closer look at some of the benefits of choosing assisted living for your loved one.

Improved Socialization

Social isolation is painful. But chronic loneliness can create severe health problems. Not having a strong community or social circle can cause depression which is often linked to dementia and heart disease. Assisted living encourages community events and connects residents to people with similar interests.

Safe & Reliable Transportation

Access to safe and reliable transportation is critical for seniors. From grocery shopping to doctor’s appointments, transportation is important to the freedom and health of every person. If you can trust that you’re loved one has their transport needs covered, you can rest easy.

Improved Mental Health

Shared community activities improve the mental health of those suffering from dementia as well as support the normal social needs of any human being. Assisted Living services provide social outlets to strengthen cognitive function.

Nutritious Meals

Not only do members of assisted living facilities get access to safe transportation and social activities, but they also have full-service chef-prepared meals. Nutritious foods are critical to mental and physical health. Three healthy meals per day support seniors in living a healthier, fuller life.

Professional Care

Whether your loved one requires Memory Care services or simply needs help managing their medications, an Assisted Living facility provides compassionate professional care to help them stay healthy.

Get the Support Your Loved One Needs

Assisted Living offers those closest to you the best possible daily care. Learn more about your options and the many benefits available through our facility by reaching out through our contact form or setting up a phone consultation today.

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My family member has been a resident with VSC for 5 years. I know that he is in a safe environment that addresses his health needs and assures that he receives his medications in a timely manner. VSC has become family for him and given him opportunities for friendships he has never had. I know the current pandemic has been hard on everyone, particularly those restricted in congregate settings. My brother is at high risk so I feel comforted to know staff are looking after his well being.

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